Pawel Chmielniak

Office: RBI 428

Social: LinkedIn

Pawel Chmielniak received his undergraduate education from RWTH Aachen University and doctorate from Brown University. He is currently working as research scientist at Georgia Tech in the Sievers Group. Pawel likes vibrational spectroscopy and uses it to elucidate reaction mechanisms. Now, he investigates the conversion of dihydroxyacetone, a byproduct of biodiesel synthesis, to lactic acid, a desirable precursor to poly lactic acid (PLA). PLA is a thermoplastic, biodegradable polyester which is the most widely used filament for 3D printing and a variety of consumer products.


2022- Present: Georgia Institute of Technology, Research Scientist

2017-2022: Brown University
Ph.D. in Chemistry

2015-2017 RWTH Aachen University
M.Sc. in Catalysis and Computational Chemistry

2012-2015 RWTH Aachen University
B.Sc. in Chemistry