Van Son Nguyen

Office: 433K

Van Son Nguyen completed his undergraduate studies at the Technical University of Munich before pursuing a PhD at Georgia Tech under the guidance of the Sievers Group. His previous research centered on catalyst and process design, particularly in the realms of heterogeneous catalysis and catalytic processes. Presently, he is exploring the synthesis of mixed transition metal oxides through mechanochemistry and their application in mechanocatalytic selective oxidation of hydrocarbons, including gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons as well as polyolefins. These redox reactions with oxygen over metal oxide catalysts offer interesting prospects in various chemical applications such as oxidative dehydrogenation, oxidative cracking, and depolymerization of plastics.

2023-Present: Georgia Institute of Technology
PhD Student in Chemical Engineering

2021-2023: Technical University of Munich
M.S. in Chemical Engineering and Chemical Process Engineering

2017-2021: Technical University of Munich
B.S. in Chemical Engineering