Yimeng Lyu

Email: lvyimeng@gatech.edu

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  • Catalytic conversion of methane to high value products

 Research summary:

Yimeng Lyu’s research focuses on the catalytic conversion of methane to high value products. The research is a continuation of the previous study on NiO/CZ catalysts which is capable of a directly converting methane into alcohols under moderate conditions in a single reactor. Recent research reveals that NiO/CZ also catalyzes steam reforming and methane combustion with different pretreatment conditions applied. Current study includes investigation of the effect of nickel morphology on the reactivity; investigation of the mechanism of the reaction and detailed kinetic study of the reaction.


2016 – present Georgia Institute of Technology
PhD in Chemical Engineering
Advisor: Prof. Carsten Sievers
2013- 2015 University of Michigan
B.Sc. Chemical Engineering
2011 – 2016 Shanghai Jiaotong University
B.Sc. Computer and Electrical Engineering


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  2. Okolie, C.; Lyu, Y.; Kovarik, L.; Stavitski, E.; Sievers, C., Coupling of Methane to Ethane, Ethylene, and Aromatics over Nickel on Ceria–Zirconia at Low Temperatures. ChemCatChem 2018, 10 (12), 2700-2708.
  3. Lyu, Y.; Chen, X.; Nwabara, U.; Schwank, J., Reactivity study of CO+NO reaction over Pd/Al2O3 and Pd/CeZrO2 Catalysts. Catal. Today 2018, Accepted.


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