Qandeel Almas

Country of origin        Pakistan


The focus of this project was to understand the structural changes, coke formation, sintering of impregnated metals and the associated deactivation behavior of the zeolites employed in the upgrading of biomass-derived chemicals.


2015 – 2020 Georgia Institute of Technology
PhD in Chemical Engineering
Thesis: Hierarchical zeolites for the valorization of biomass-derived chemicals
Supervisor: Christopher W. Jones and Carsten Sievers
2013 University of Engineering and Technology Lahore, Pakistan
M.Sc.  Chemical Engineering
2009 University of Engineering and Technology Lahore, Pakistan
B.Sc.  Chemical Engineering

Publication list:

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  2. Korde, B. Min, Q. Almas, Y. Chiang, S. Nair and C. W. Jones, Effect of Si/Al Ratio on the Catalytic Activity of Two-Dimensional MFI Nanosheets in Aromatic Alkylation and Alcohol Etherification, ChemCatChem 11 (2019) 4548–4557
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