Leandro Martins

Email: leandro.martins@unesp.br

Website: Leandro Martins

Visiting professor: Univ Estadual Paulista – Unesp


– Advanced synthesis methodologies of hierarchical zeolites for improved use of microporous materials in heterogeneous catalysis

– Oxidative dehydration of glycerol to acrylic acid in one-step using bifunctional catalysts

– Combination of time resolved spectroscopic techniques applied to the structural study of catalysts with hierarchical porosity

Research summary
Our goal is to acquire a fundamental understanding of the nature of active sites on catalyst surfaces, the catalytic reaction pathways and to be able to design catalysts with the desired pore architecture for specific reactions. The catalysts include zeolites,  alumina, mixed oxides of vanadium and molybdenum and hydrotalcites.

2005-2008 Department of Chemical Engineering – UFSCar (Brazil)

PhD in Chemical Engineering with one-year period at Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen – RWTH / Germany

2017 Institute of Chemistry – Unesp (Brazil)

Habilitation (“Livre docência”) in Chemical Engineering

Representative Publications

– Abreu, T. H.; Meyer, C. I.; Padró, C.; Martins, L. “Acidic V-MCM-41 catalysts for the liquid-phase ketalization of glycerol with acetone”. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, v. 273, p. 219-225, 2019.

– Rodrigues, M. V.; Vieira, L. H.; Campos, G. P.; Martins, L. “Effect of different seed sources on the hydrothermal crystallization of MCM-22 zeolite catalysts”. CrystEngComm, v. 20, p. 3467-3475, 2018.

– Petrolini, D. D.; Urquieta-González, E. A.; Pulcinelli, S. H.; Santilli, C. V.; Martins, L. “Emulsion-mediated synthesis of hierarchical mesoporous-macroporous Al-Mg hydrotalcites”. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, v. 240, p. 149-158, 2017.

– Possato, L. G.; Cassinelli, W. H.; Meyer, C. I.; Garetto, T.; Pulcinelli, S. H.; Santilli, C. V.; Martins, L. “Thermal treatments of precursors of molybdenum and vanadium oxides and the formed MoxVyOz phases active in the oxydehydration of glycerol”. Applied Catalysis A: General, v. 532, p. 1-11, 2017.