Giada Innocenti

Postdoctoral Fellow

Co-advisor: AJ Medford


Personal Email:

Office: RBI 428

Social: Linkedin


  • Trioses upgrading into lactic acid
  • Sugar chemistry on metal oxides
  • Ring-opening reactions
  • Fly ash valorization
  • Understanding of reaction mechanisms using infrared spectroscopy (FTIR, ATR, DRIFTS)
  • CO2 capture
  • CO2 reduction



2015 – 2018 Dipartimento di Chimica Industriale “Toso-Montanari” – Università di Bologna
Ph.D. in Chemistry
Specialization: Industrial Chemistry
Thesis: Catalysis for chemicals production from bio-based building blocks:
examples of industrial relevance
Supervisor: Prof. Fabrizio Cavani
2013 – 2015 Dipartimento di Chimica Industriale “Toso-Montanari” – Università di Bologna
Master of Science in Industrial Chemistry
Specialization: Atmospheric Physical Chemistry
Thesis: A new strategy to measure CO2 distribution in the stratosphere.
Supervisor: Prof. M. Carlotti



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  10. Carlotti M., Dinelli B. M., Innocenti G., and Palchetti L.: “A strategy for the measurement of CO2 distribution in the stratosphere”, Atmos. Meas. Tech., 2016.

Scholarship and Awards:

  1. 17th ICC Travel Award (June 2020, conference canceled due to Covid-19).
  2. G. Spada Award for Industrial Chemistry (Feb 2019) This award is presented to doctoral students who have distinguished themselves for productivity, innovation, and scientific maturity of their thesis work.