Andrew Tricker

Co-advisors: Matthew Realff, Valerie Thomas


Social: LinkedIn


  • Mechanocatalytic Depolymerization of Lignin
  • Fundamentals of Mechanocatalysis
  • Conversion of Lignin to Value-added chemicals


Research Summary:

Andrew’s research focuses on the fundamentals of mechanocatalysis and application for the depolymerization and upgrading of lignin. Mechanocatalysis (driving catalytic reactions via mechanical energy) allows for direct reaction between solids and offers a promising approach for converting lignin (a natural aromatic polymer produced in plants and trees) to value-added chemicals by avoiding many issues with solvent separations and recovery. By also focusing on the fundamental phenomena of mechanocatalysis (hot spots and transient active sites), more efficient mechanocatalytic systems can be designed and allow for more accurate scale-up to industrial sizes.



2016 – present Georgia Institute of Technology
Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering


2011 – 2016 Georgia Institute of Technology
B.S. in Chemical Engineering



  1. Liu, L., Ahlfield, J., Tricker, A., Chu, D., & Kohl, P. A. (2016). Anion conducting multiblock copolymer membranes with partial fluorination and long head-group tethers. Journal of Materials Chemistry A4(41), 16233-16244.